• Your voice at the Capitolitol

    People Before Profits

    “Many times the only other people in the room besides legislators and lobbyists are CCI members.

    Legislators need to know that everyday people are watching and want a voice in their democracy.”

    –CCI Action member Brenda Brink, Huxley


  • VIDEO: Why we lobby


    VIDEO: Why we lobby

    CCI Action members are at the Statehouse every week during legislative session…this is why.


  • People before politics



    Rally & Lobby Day 2016

    “CCI Action is the only group at the statehouse that consistently provides counterweight to the influence of big-moneyed, entrenched interests.

    We’re there to battle for policy that puts people & planet first and to not let business carry on as usual.”

    –CCI Action member Cherie Mortice, Des Moines