Another World is Possible – It’s Up to Us!

CCI Action’s 2021 (Still Virtual) Convention
Saturday, July 17  10:30 am – 12:25 pm

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This July, get ready to dream big. Because we’re not stopping until we win it all. 

We’ve spent the past year caring for one another—staying home, masking up, marching in the streets, calling into city council meetings, passing along petitions and PPE. We’ve shown up in so many beautiful ways, but now it’s time to go bigger. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and uprisings for racial justice have more clearly exposed the cracks in the power structures and systems that corporate greed creates. Too many of us and our friends, neighbors, and community members have fallen through these cracks. That’s why we’re gathering this summer to let our radical imaginations lead the way—together, we have the power to create the world we want to live in. 

We need a world where: 

  • We’ve won Medicare for All, and everyone has the care we need, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and income level.
  • We’ve defunded the police and refunded our communities, schools, parks, and healthcare, because Black futures matter. 
  • Good jobs are abundant, fossil fuels are obsolete, and the Green New Deal has allowed our communities to be resilient and connected.. 
  • Factory farms are a thing of the past, our rivers and lakes are clean, and our food system is thriving. 
  • All people can thrive, no matter the color of our skin, our background, or where we were born—no exceptions.
  • All workers are treated with dignity and respect, every worker has a union, and solidarity is global. 

Are you ready to build this new world with us?

Join us in July 17th for an energizing, uplifting, and powerful day that will turn the dreams of today into the political revolution of tomorrow.  

This past year, our movements won one of the biggest elections of our lifetimes. Thousands of Iowans, from all across the state, showed up on the streets and at the polls. We organized for clean water, COVID relief, racial justice, and climate justice. 

The obstacles are tough, but together, we’re tougher. We have the power to bring about meaningful change—if we keep organizing to make it happen. 

CCI Action’s annual convention brings together members and movement leaders from all across Iowa. Young and old, Black and Brown, rural and urban, queer and allies, newly-activated and life-long activists — we’re gathering together to celebrate our wins and fight for our future.  

The 2021 CCI Action Convention “Another World is Possible – It’s Up to Us” will feature: 

  • Inspiring testimonies from movement doers and thinkers – from Iowa and across the country.
  • Music, art, spoken word, and a celebration of joyous rebellion. 
  • Ways to deepen your activism and analysis, take action, and build long-term people power. 
  • A vision of how our communities could work if we implemented People and Planet-First policies.
  • And, opportunities for community and conversation. 

It’s time to make our dreams a reality. Because another world IS possible—but it’s up to us to build it!  

Are you in?

Register now and join us on July 17th, it’ll be fun! 

Our Another World – Up To Us Featured Speakers

These powerful guest speakers are on the cutting edge of social change work today. They’ll connect the big, bold policy solutions we need, to the work we need to do to get there, including: addressing race, bold organizing, winning elections, and thinking globally.

These powerhouse changemakers will inspire and inform us about how we best work together for the transformative change we need in Iowa and across the globe.

Heather McGhee, Demos
Heather is the author of the highly-acclaimed new book The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone, and How We Can Prosper Together. As the former Demos President and current board chair of Color of Change, Heather has testified in Congress, drafted legislation, and developed strategies for organizations and campaigns that won changes to improve the lives of millions. Her current work has illuminated how racism divides and alienates everyone, and is changing how progressives think about race.

George Goehl, People’s Action
George is the director of People’s Action, one of the largest multiracial poor and working class people’s organizations in the country (of which CCI is a longtime member org). He is credited with moving the field of community organizing to new levels, increasing emphasis on shaping worldview, building independent political power, and focusing on long-term vision and strategy.

Tobita Chow, Justice is Global
Toby has been organizing campaigns for corporate accountability and racial and economic justice since 2009. He is currently the director of Justice is Global, served as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Chicago-based The People’s Lobby, and leads training on globalization and the global economy. He is also the co-author of The Movement We Need: Think Strategically, Act Strategically, a daring guide on how grassroots strategies can reshape broken systems.

Misty Rebik, Senator Bernie Sanders
Misty is the Chief of Staff for Senator Bernie Sanders, and was previously the Iowa State Director and member of the national team for Senator Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign. Born and raised in Iowa, Misty ran her first electoral campaign as the campaign manager for Cathy Glasson during the 2018 Iowa gubernatorial election, and has extensive experience organizing for reproductive justice and immigrant and worker rights.

At Another World Is Possible – It’s Up To Us – we’ll lift each other up, get inspired, and strategize about how we push for an Iowa and win a true multi-racial democracy that works for everyone, no exceptions. 

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