Your 2016 People Powered Politics convention highlights

What a weekend! THANK YOU for an incredibly successful “People-Powered Politics” convention.

Two inspiring keynotes, four info-packed workshops and over 200 like-minded folks like you coming together to build the movement we need!

We heard it over and over again this weekend, we’re in a movement moment—it’s time to think big and take bold action.

We’re excited to take the next step to pair our tough issue organizing with a laser-like focus on running our own folks for office. It’s up to us, together, to build independent political power that challenges the establishment. We must push for the Iowa we want to see  —an Iowa that puts “People & Planet First.”

Thank you for your energy and for your generosity.

We raised over $20,000 to help take our people-powered politics to the next level. Incredible! Our deepest and sincere thanks.

Thanks for all you do — let’s change “business as usual” politics!



CCI Action Team


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