To be powerful & strategic as possible, CCI Action needs you!

Many of us will be receiving a relief check as part of the American Rescue Plan. If you’re in a fortunate position to have a little to spare, consider reinvesting a portion of your relief check in Iowa CCI Action to keep fighting for a better Iowa and a better country for everyone, no exceptions.

People need this relief and much more — including a $15 minimum wage, Green New Deal, and healthcare for all for starters — and CCI is going to organize until we get it.

The next six months will see important policy fights for the health and safety of our people at every level. To win the major changes we need, CCI Action will continue to organize and reach out to people, across race and place, across age and gender, to build a true multiracial democracy. A democracy more powerful and far more just than anything this country has ever seen before. And CCI needs your help to do it.

Donate today – your gift will be doubled.