This is a big week for us!

We’re kicking off our annual 5-day team fundraising campaign!
We’re asking you to join us as we build people-fueled political power in Iowa. 

2020 has the potential to be a momentous year –for all of us.

Why? Because we have so many opportunities next year at the local, state, and national level –to move the needle for clean water, for our health, for our public safety, and for climate action.

We can’t let up! We need to give it everything we’ve got next year to ensure a better future – for all of us!

Together we’re speaking out and building grassroots people-power like never before around bold solutions like Medicare for All, a moratorium on factory farms, a ban on racial profiling by police, and a Green New Deal. We’re uniting and energizing people, and WE WILL WIN!

Four years ago, these policies were called “pie in the sky.” The establishment brushed us off.

Now our solutions are taking center stage in local and national debates. Politicians and candidates at all levels are being forced to address our issues and our solutions.

In September, we held our own People’s Presidential Forum that drew nearly 2,000 Iowans and media to watch four of the top candidates listen and respond to us –our stories and our solutions. It was tremendously powerful!

You did that! You refused to back down! You are creating the people power and momentum to address some of the biggest crises of our time. You are showing how we can do politics differently.

Today I want to thank you for all you do and to ask you to support the critical work we do together through CCI Action.

2020 is a BIG year. We’ve set a BIG goal:
We want to raise $45,000 by Friday, Nov. 22.

Generous donors are offering a challenge grant of $5,000 to help kickoff
our important year-end fundraising campaign in a BIG way.

Give TODAY. Join as a CCI Action member, renew your
annual membership
gift or make a special gift.
Whatever you give will be doubled!

Next year –2020 –is about more than just defeating Trump. It’s bigger than one election. It’s about building our power so we decide what’s best for people and our planet.

Right now, big-money industry groups are pouring millions into Iowa to break down the consensus among us on popular policies like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

They deliberately try to distract us with lies, racial fear-mongering, and finger-pointing. Why? So they can continue to profit.

That’s why we need CCI Action. The only way to counter the dominating influence of big money on our political process is with people – organized, powerful people.

That’s what CCI Action does best! Last year alone, 15,000 Iowans joined us in bold actions on important issues. Together we’re building the multi-racial, multi-generational, multi-gendered people-power we need to win.

Here’s how your year-end gift will help us change “business-as-usual” politics:

  • Issue organizing – We’ve got to show up big on our issues at the Statehouse and across the state. Issue organizing is where we build our strength.
  • People power – We want to grow and become increasingly inclusive. We want to reach and engage a lot more people and cultivate more grassroots leaders –including young folks and people of color who are often excluded from public discourse.
  • Political power – We want to have a bigger impact on who gets elected. We’re developing a process to train our members to run for office (city, county, state) using our vision, values and issues.
  • Influence – We want to continue to seize the unique opportunity we have in Iowa to cement our issues and the voices of everyday people squarely in the national debate.

We need to be bigger and stronger. We need everyone with us. We need you!

You’re the most important part of CCI Action! Your involvement and support make big change possible. Together we’re part of a vibrant, vocal, vital, and effective organization pointing the way forward for what is possible –and needed –in Iowa and the nation.

DONATE today – join as a member, renew or make a special gift.
Be generous. There’s a lot at stake. Together, we can do politics differently!

Thanks so much for all you do,
Hugh Espey,
Executive Director and proud member

P.S. Please give now, before Nov. 22, and your membership gift of $100, $75, $50 or more will be doubled!

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