Statehouse: funnel two report

Our legislature’s second funnel was defined by the death of a lot of bills; a few good ones, but more bad ones. That’s good news, but we need our legislators to work harder to actually pass People and Planet First policy.


“Business as usual” politics are still alive and well at the Statehouse. Your hard work is changing that, but we’re not done yet. Check out the bill report below and stay tuned: we will continue to be your eyes and ears until the end of the session.


Our Farms, Our Air, Our Water – Agriculture, Environmental, & Climate Policies


Clean Water – one bad bill alive; several bad bills dead! 

  • House File (HF) 2382, the Governor’s “signature” clean water bill, would rob $4.7 Billion from our schools over the next 30 years. We’re working to make this “dead in the water.” Click here to take action. 
  • Two bad clean water bills, HF2410 and HF2340, that were going to continue business as usual agriculture and divert public money to benefit corporate agriculture, died! These bills were attempting to lift up the failed voluntary nutrient reduction strategy.


Our Wages, Our Work – Worker Justice & Financial Security Policies

Wage Theft – good bill lived

Senate File (SF) 398, a bill that provides more resources to the Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) and Department of Labor (DOL) to investigate wage theft claims survived! This is good news, but this bill could be stronger by making sure there are penalties for employers who commit wage theft.


Our Rights, Our Equality


Ban the Box – good bill died

Senate File (SF) 2240, which would prohibit employers or an employment agency from asking about the criminal record of an applicant before the applicant is being interview, or offered employment conditionally, died.


Immigration – bad bill dead

House File 2276 that would prohibit all local and statewide law enforcement agencies from declining to assist ICE and would require them to begin data collection on possible immigrant residents as well as detain these folks until ICE is able to take over died.


Our Government, Our Voice – Electoral Policy To Build A People & Planet First Iowa


Automatic Voter Registration – good bill died

Senate File 2099 which would automatically register individuals when they turn 18 through the Department of Transportation, died.


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