Seize this Bernie Moment for Iowa

Bernie I small It’s up to us to respond to this important political moment by keeping the people-power momentum going. 

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It’s pretty incredible what you pulled off on caucus night.

THANK YOU for standing up for what you really believe. THANK YOU for sending a powerful message to our fellow Iowans, and to the nation, that we’re ready for Bernie Sanders and serious political change!

Bernie just won New Hampshire and is now on to other states. It’s up to us to seize the moment and keep things moving!

Iowa CCI Action is here to do just that. We brought Bernie to Iowa before he became a candidate; we endorsed him; and we share his vision.

Bernie wouldn’t want all of the work we’ve done together to stop now.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join CCI Action today.

Our members speak truth to power, take on the corrosive influence of big money special interests and put People & Planet First issues at the center of the public debate.

Bernie said it himself in a Jan. 20 TIME magazine interview:

“… I can’t do [it] alone. There are groups all over this country who are grassroots organizations … CCI in Iowa comes to mind—that have brought farmers together, workers together, young people together, business people together, around a progressive agenda which speaks to economics, social and environmental justice. That’s what we have to develop together.”

Join CCI Action today to build an unstoppable movement to change “business as usual” politics here in Iowa.

In Iowa, we need elected officials who put clean water first; who serve the common good not corporate ag or big oil; who pass legislation to stop wage theft and racial profiling; and who work to make sure everyday folks get paid a living wage for a hard day’s work.

Bernie has repeatedly said – “not me, us!” No one person will deliver that agenda for us.

It’s up to us to respond to this important political moment by keeping the people-power momentum going. 

Donate. Join today. There’s a lot at stake. Together, let’s make Iowa “of the people, by the people, for the people!”


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