Our letter to Branstad, Reynolds, and Trump

Tuesday, January 24, CCI Action members packed the Statehouse pushing for our people first agenda at our Rally and Lobby Day.

We delivered a letter to Gov. Branstad, demanding he and Kim Reynolds stop putting corporate interests over people and planet. Here’s our pledge of resistance!

Check out a video of our action and scroll below to read the full text of our letter.




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Our letter (TEXT):

 Dear Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds,

We are here today – representing thousands of everyday Iowans – as part of CCI Action’s lobby day and as participants in a national Trump resistance day of action.

Our message to you and Trump is the same. We need a government of, by and for all people, not big-money corporations.  

Across the country people want clean water, living wages, racial justice, and a strong democracy with everybody in, no one out. EVERYBODY IN, NO ONE OUT! EVERYBODY IN, NO ONE OUT!

Counties and cities across the state are taking up these issues and leading where you and the legislature have failed us over and over again.

We’re here today because:

  • Water is Life. Say it with me. WATER IS LIFE! WATER IS LIFE! WATER IS LIFEWe need agricultural, environmental, and climate justice. We must put people and planet before profits and polluters – for us, for our kids, for our grandkids. Say no more to Big Oil pipelines and corporate ag. We need mandatory regulations – not voluntary. Make the polluters pay, not us – they dump it, we drink it, we won’t stop till they clean it up.  they dump it, we drink it, we won’t stop till they clean it up!

We’re here today because:

  • Living wages are good for workers, families, business and our communities – Raise the minimum wage to a living wage of at least $15/hr, and let communities pass higher wages if they want to. No wage preemption. LIVING WAGE NOW! LIVING WAGE NOW!!

We’re here today because:

  • Democracy needs more people involved not less – we need Universal Voter Registration, not Voter ID suppression. Everybody in, nobody out. Get big money out of politics through publicly financed elections with small dollar contributions. MONEY OUT! PEOPLE IN! MONEY OUT! PEOPLE IN!

We’re here today because:

  • We must stand for racial justice. No racism, no hate. NO RACISTS! NO KKK! NO FACIST USA! NO RACISTS! NO KKK! NO FACIST USA! NO RACISTS! NO KKK! NO FACIST USA! Stop feeding the prison industrial complex – make racial profiling illegal in Iowa, and stop new attacks on people of color in the form of “Stand your ground” legislation and deputizing police to act as ICE agents.

Gov Branstad, Kim Reynolds, and President Trump: We’re sick and tired of “business as usual” politics.  We’re sick of you putting big money ahead of everyday people, our land, our water, our wages, our votes, our lives.  

If you want to pursue an agenda that destroys our planet, sinks us deeper into poverty, supresses us, and criminalizes people of color, we will resist you at every turn. WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE, ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE. WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE!



Iowa CCI Action Fund Members

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