Phone banking for our issues and candidates!

At CCI Action we believe in doing politics differently. That means using elections to advance our key issue campaigns and supporting candidates who believe, like we do, that we need to put people and the planet first, and supporting candidates who understand that change comes from the bottom up, that the solutions to the issues we face come from those who experience them every day.

To help us make sure such leaders are elected, we are phone banking leading up to the election this November. These aren’t your typical political calls – we lead with the issues and our work and connect that to the candidates we endorsed (click here for more on our People and Planet First legislative candidates and our candidate for governor ).

Our voter calls aren’t just turning voters out to the polls, when we find voters who align with us on our issues – we invite them into our year-round work to organize for the Iowa we need. More people, more power!

CCI Action’s Phone Bank shifts leading up to the Nov. 8 elections will be held over zoom on Mondays and Thursdays from 5pm-8pm. You will need a phone, internet, and a computer or ipad to make these calls. Should you have trouble with any of these items, feel free to reach out and we will make sure you’re set up!

These calls make a difference and help us connect more Iowans to our work to win big change.

To volunteer pick a date below and use that link to sign up:

October 17

October 20

October 24

October 27

October 31

November 3

November 7