Obama must right ship on housing, Social Security

Immediately following a meeting on foreclosures and housing policy with Iowa Assistant Attorney General Patrick Madigan today, Iowa CCI Action members delivered a similar message to Obama’s campaign offices in Des Moines.  In our letter, we lay out very clearly what President Obama has failed to do on the housing and foreclosure crisis, as well as a stark warning about saying that he and Governor Romney share similar positions on Social Security (which is what he said during the October 3 Presidential Debate).

Obama’s campaign staff agreed to shoot our letter up the chain with the goal of getting this into the hands of Obama’s senior campaign staff in Chicago.

That’s not all that happened.

We also met David Reynolds, an Obama volunteer from New York who’s blogging about his experiences in Iowa. He wrote up a nice piece about our trip to Obama’s campaign office today:

View his blog below or online: http://sixweekssixvotes.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/the-lobbyists/

The Lobbyists

By David J. Reynolds on

They didn’t have any big campaign checks to deliver, or even any “access” to peddle, but nine citizen-lobbyists looking for more action from Barack Obama on the housing crisis nonetheless petitioned the campaign’s field office on Tuesday afternoon.

Representatives from Iowa Citizens For Community Improvement weren’t able to get a letter listing their requests directly to the president, but a harried junior staffer did promise to deliver the message as far as the Iowa state headquarters.

Citizen-lobbyists from CCI outside an Obama campaign field office in Des Moines


The group, dressed mostly in jeans and winter coats, was fresh from another meeting with the Iowa Attorney General’s office, where they had hand delivered an identical copy of their letter.

They said they had previously left a message with the Obama campaign requesting a meeting, a message that had gone unanswered. Now they were here, in person, to ask for a response.

The activists are part of a non-partisan group that lobbies primarily for left-leaning policies. Among their items for the president’s consideration was a request for principal relief for underwater mortgages and a more stringent contrast with Mitt Romney on protecting the integrity of Social Security. In the first presidential debate, Obama said he and Romney shared “a somewhat similar position” on Social Security.

The group has been active in Iowa politics. Mitt Romney was responding to questions from CCI activists when he famously declared “Corporations are people, my friend,” trying to emphasize that corporate profits eventually end up in the pockets of humans. The group also had members dressed as Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters at a Romney rally earlier Tuesday in nearby Van Meter, Des Moines.

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