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Politics as usual—how do you feel about that? Probably not so great—at least not about how politics works these days.

That’s why, thanks to visionary members like you, we launched the Iowa CCI Action Fund in 2011. Iowa CCI needs a sister organization with political bite!

CCI Action is about changing “business as usual” politics. We believe that governing—and elections—can and should be a force for good in people’s lives. We believe in engaging and bringing real people into the center of our political system.

That’s why we’re raising $25,000 in 5 days for CCI Action!

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We know that no one candidate or party will ever move our agenda for us. It’s up to us to involve, inspire, and deliver. We do just that with CCI Action Fund.

Your involvement makes big changes possible. Together, we’re part of a vibrant, vocal, independent powerhouse that influences elections and holds politicians accountable.

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Donate to CCI Action today. Be generous. There’s a lot at stake. Together, let’s make Iowa “of the people, by the people, for the people”!

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