Join us for election analysis and actions Nov. 3 – 7

Updated 11/6/2020

Together, we must demand that our election officials protect our sacred right to vote and take the time to count every ballot. We have to stick together to ensure that voters decide the winners of this election and no one else.

Iowa CCI Action has joined Democracy Defenders Iowa—a broad coalition of groups committed to standing up, speaking out, and protecting our democracy ahead of, during, and after the election.

The people can prevail, but it’s up to us. No system or process can save us.

November 7 – Prepared to Mobilize – Voters Decide Rallies

SAVE THIS DATE! In America, our elections are decided by voters, not by fiat or decree. Everyone’s vote must be counted.

Attempts to selectively stop some votes from being counted is disgusting and unAmerican – and must be met with massive pushback. This isn’t a moment to “wait and see.” We have to raise our voices. We can’t let Trump cheat his way out of losing. We have to stop him.

Mask up! And find an event nearest to you:

Des Moines
Statewide Mobilization
Cowles Commons, 221 Walnut StreetRSVP
DavenportVanderveer Park
– Facebook

EldoraHardin County CourthouseRSVP
– Facebook
WaterlooRiverLoop Amphitheatre
225 Commercial Street
– Facebook

Thanks for all you do. Please stay safe, wear a mask, and organize. This moment is ours to win.

— Your Iowa CCI Action board, staff, and key leader team

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