CCI Action endorses in Johnson County Supervisors race

Our vision of changing business-as-usual politics starts and stops with prioritizing people and our planet. And that elections are a means to advance our issue organizing campaigns. That’s what we call movement politics – bringing real people, our stories and issues, and our solutions into the center of our political system.

After careful review and discussion, CCI Action Fund is excited to announce our endorsements of Jon Green and V Fixmer-Oraiz for Johnson County Supervisor.

We stand with Jon Green and V Fixmer-Oraiz because they each stand with us on the issues – racial justice, environmental justice, economic justice, and co-governing. They understand, like we do, that the issues we face are all connected, and that change always comes from the bottom up.

“Jon Green and V Fixmer-Oraiz are both grassroots candidates who understand the importance of listening to everyday people. Jon has proven over and again during his time in office that he is willing to fight for those whose voices are routinely drowned out. And V is a community organizer who knows that real solutions come from those impacted by the issues.”
– CCI Action Fund member Cathy Glasson
, Iowa City voter

Early voting for the Johnson County Supervisors election begins on May 18. You can go to the County Administration Building (913 S Dubuque St, Iowa City) weekdays from 8:00AM to 5:00PM to cast your vote, request a vote-by-mail ballot here, or you can go to your regular polling place on June 7th to vote for Jon and V (find your polling place here).

 Policymaking is the people’s business! Let’s send that message loud and clear on June 7.