Announcing new speaker: Tobita Chow

We’re excited to announce our newest feature speaker, Tobita Chow, a co-author of The Movement We Need: Think Strategically, Act Strategically, a daring guide on how grassroots strategies can reshape broken systems.

Tobita Chow isn’t afraid of taking bold risks and pushing the envelope to create people-led movements that confront and challenge the status quo.

In fact, Tobita knows it’s the only way to create lasting change.

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He is the chair of The People’s Lobby, a grassroots political organization that supports public policies and candidates that put the needs of people and the planet first and co-founder of the “Moral Mondays Illinois” campaign.

He’ll talk about moving beyond exposing injustice and acting to reshape a society that is morally and economically just.

Tobita is also a masters of divinity student  at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He has been organizing on the South Side of Chicago since 2009 focusing on changing systems and creating broader movements.

Click below to watch Tobita’s TedX talk at the University of Chicago in 2013.

“In movements like this —when the old system is crumbling and a new one is not yet in sight—progressive activists and organizers can change the course of history.”

—from The Movement We Need: Think Strategically, Act Strategically

If you’re ready for ready to take the movement to the next level, you can’t miss Tobita! Its not too late to sign up for convention! Register today.

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