2018 Johnson County Supervisor Questionnaire

Primary day is fast approaching!

There are competitive races up and down the ballot, including for two seats on the Board of Supervisors in Johnson County.

Local offices like county supervisor are crucially important. They provide tons of opportunities for leadership on our issues: clean water, living wages, climate justice, and protecting our immigrant brothers and sisters.

That’s why the CCI Action board voted to survey candidates for Johnson County Supervisor: to see where they stand on our issues. We developed a questionnaire that we circulated to the three candidates.

The answers we received are below. As you’ll see, two of the candidates (Janelle Rettig and Mike Carberry) answered all of the questions. The last candidate, Pat Heiden, did not answer our questions, and instead provided a general statement about her approach to governing.

Mike Carberry

Pat Heiden

Janelle Rettig

We hope you find this information valuable, and don’t forget to vote on (or before) June 5th!


CCI Action Board of Directors

Barb Kalbach, Board President

Kenn Bowen

Shari Hawk

Natalie Snyders

Julia Rendon

Vern Tigges