2016 Convention Feature: Larry Cohen

“We are ready to stand up and fight back.”



Larry Cohen shares our goals; he envisions a democracy that puts people first before big moneyed interests. He’s a leading voice in uniting unions and like-minded groups to further goals of economic justice and take on corporate power to make the world we live in more just and democratic.

Larry is the immediate past president of the 700,000-member Communications Workers of America (CWA) and has chaired the AFL-CIO organizing committee for the past ten years.  He is a fiery speaker and populist fighter—and a leading voice for workers’ rights, fair trade, voting rights and getting big money out of politics.




“…if we can focus on the limits in this democracy but also dream and aim higher for the economic justice that we demand and we put both together and tear down our own walls and think of new ways to unite and fight, new ways to dream, new opportunities to stand up and fight back we can put hope back in our lives, we can reach our dreams, we can fight together and win.”

—Larry Cohen

Larry  is the Chair of Democracy Initiative: read more about their work on Twitter and Facebook


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