Anti wage theft bill HF 38 introduced in the House

Iowa CCI Action Fund members have been busy getting the word out to  legislators on the depth of the wage theft problem in Iowa. We need stronger legislation that protects our workers from being ripped off by unscrupulous employers. Representative Bruce Hunter introduced House File 38, a bill essential to stopping wage theft in our state. Last summer, the University of Iowa’s Labor Center and the Iowa Policy Project released an alarming report about wage theft in Iowa.  At our Kick off at the Capitol last January 15, a group of CCI Action Fund members shared some of the key findings of the report with Representative Greg Forristall (R-Macedonia), chair of the House Labor Committee. Here are some of the facts: Every year… Iowa workers lose $600 million to wage theft across our state The state of Iowa loses around $68 million in unpaid revenue, unemployment taxes Industries most affected are construction, cleaning, restaurant workers Wage theft, in its many forms,...

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Take action for the rights of all Iowans

Iowa's anti-immigrant bill passed the House Judiciary Committee last week and will likely be debated in the full House of Representatives in the next week. Iowa's legislators need to hear loud and clear that Iowans want an Iowa that respect the rights of all people. It's time to take action!

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HF 2156 Opens the Door for Racial Profiling in Iowa

Members spoke out against the latest anti-immigrant bill introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives. House File 2156 follows the lead of failed policies from Arizona and Alabama, targeting immigrants and imposing bureaucratic burdens on businesses, local law enforcement and Iowa taxpayers.

We are working in a coalition of faith groups, human rights groups, and others to stop Arizona-like anti-immigrant bills. "We don't want to be like Arizona."

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Wage theft bill introduced

We're happy to report that our wage theft protection bill was introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives last week.

Wage theft and worker misclassification are rampant problems for workers in Iowa and across the country. According to a national study, over $16 billion dollars in unpaid wages are stolen from employees every year by employers who don’t pay minimum wage, don’t pay overtime, make illegal deductions, force workers to work off the clock, or don’t even pay at all.

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