TPP back from the dead??

Just when you thought this issue was laid to rest, establishment politicians and their corporate cronies are trying to shove the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal through this fall.

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Bernie Sanders coming to Iowa Sept. 13 & 14

Senator Bernie Sanders is a progressive champion of the People’s Agenda in Washington, D.C. He will be making stops in...

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Don’t default on the American people

We must stop governing crisis to crisis. We need to open the government, raise the debt ceiling and pass a budget that increases revenue and invests in America.

That's the message CCI Action members delivered to Representative Tom Latham and President Obama as the government shutdown drags on for a third week.

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CCI Action members meet w/ Representative Braley

CCI Action members met with Congressman Bruce Braley over the August recess when our elected officials are home in their communities before returning to Washington after the Labor Day weekend.

We urged him to stand strong on People First issues like Social Security, raising revenue from Wall Street and the need to pass fair and comprehensive immigration reform.

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Where’s the Cliff?

We've averted the fiscal cliff - for now. Much remains to be resolved, and much is at stake in the coming months.

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