Voting in Iowa

Thanks to Paul Pate, Kim Reynolds, and Republican legislators, voting in Iowa’s primary will be harder this year than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about absentee voting, voting by mail, and Iowa’s voter ID laws this year...

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2018 Congressional Candidate Questionnaires

Primary day is fast approaching!

That’s right – the June 5th primary election is a few weeks away. There are competitive races up and down the ballot, including for your seat in Congress.

This Congressional race is crucially important. We want to make sure the Democratic nominee is a champion on our issues: clean water, living wages, climate justice, and protecting the immigrant community.

That’s why the CCI Action board developed a questionnaire that we circulated to all the Democratic candidates.

We gave the various campaigns a fair amount of time to respond, and now we have compiled the responses from your district into one handy chart.

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Secretary of State, Paul Pate and Iowa Republicans are set out to make voting harder for everyday Iowans. Here's why "Voter ID" is a bad idea.

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CCI, community grills Schultz on voter ID, voter purge rule

CCI and community members grill Secretary of State Matt Schultz on voter ID and the recently enacted voter purge rule.

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Good and bad election bills

At the Capitol last week there were two bills, one making it harder for folks to vote and the other that would open our electoral system to more people. CCI members are fighting to break down barriers for all eligible Iowans to vote.

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