Improving our elections, “Money out/People in”

Iowans shouldn't have to wonder who their elected officials listen to more - everyday people or big contributors. Big money and special interest campaign contributions unduly influence our state’s election process and legislative policies. And, add to that, this year, Iowa is facing a slate of bad bills that aim to disenfranchise voter from the process.

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2013 Legislative Agenda

Our 2013 Legislative Agenda identifies the areas and issues that need addressed and our the legislative priorities we'll be pushing this session.

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A Put People First 2013 Legislative Agenda

The momentum is on their side to move their “put people first” policies during the 2013 legislative agenda.

2013 legislative agenda prioritizes combined corporate reporting, local control of factory farms, interest rate caps on payday loans, cracking down on wage theft, universal voter registration, and Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections.

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