They haven’t counted all the votes yet.  Election Day was yesterday. Iowa’s Senate race and the presidential election are still “too close to call.” This morning, CNN said that there won’t be a total ballot count for another two weeks. Trump is trying to say he won. So is Joni Ernst. But there are so many Iowa ballots left to be counted! That’s why I’m glad that, on October 20th, 2020, just two weeks before November 3rd, I joined CCI Action’s efforts to get out the vote. I know that I did everything I could to add to the vote tally, and now I have a team to work with. CCI Action is still fighting to make sure every vote counts and every vote is counted.  I joined the CCI Action phone bank because I knew we needed to win by a historic margin. I felt frustrated and afraid, and I needed to do something. (You still have 5 days to join CCI Action’s Get Out The Vote phone bank — sign up at this...

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Our early voting toolkit for talking with the people in your life

Our state and our country are places where every person should count. No matter what you look like, how much money you have, or where you come from, it is the right of every American to vote in fair and free elections and to have their votes counted. This resource provides tools for voting early and securely in Iowa, and encouraging your friends and family to vote. This toolkit includes: What you need to know to vote early and securely in Iowa.Talking points an use to call your family and friends about early votingA simple form to organize your family and friends’ early voting commitments.  By working together, we will ensure that every vote is counted and swear in a government elected by and for us. By joining together in record numbers, we will ensure a democracy where everyone counts, no exceptions – from Iowa to the White House. If you have questions about how to vote early, you can find information on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website. For...

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