Iowa’s Disappearing Corporate Tax Base

A new report by National People’s Action and the Center for Effective Government co-authored by Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund (Iowa CCI Action Fund) finds that a “Robin Hood” tax on Wall Street speculation and closing other corporate tax loopholes could generate significant new revenue for the state of Iowa, which relies on federal money for about one third of its annual budget. Iowa has a 12.7 percent poverty rate but corporate tax revenue only accounts for 5.4 percent of the state budget

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Expanding Medicaid is common sense

We have an important opportunity to provide more Iowans with access to health insurance coverage through Medicaid expansion this legislative session.

Now our legislature, and Governor Branstad, need to take action to make this opportunity a reality.

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Editorial: Making the case for Iowa’s expansion of Medicaid

"... expanding Medicaid will help the individuals served and also promote more cost-effective care, potentially even reducing the use of high-cost medical care." Charles Bruner of the Child and Family Policy Center lays out why Iowa lawmakers need to act to expand Medicaid to cover more Iowans now.

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Hundreds protest corporate Branstad agenda

Three hundred family farmers, retired teachers, students, organized workers, and everyday people from all walks of life mobilized to provide the needed counterweight to the corporate agenda Gov. Branstad laid out in his "Condition of the State" address.

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Two solutions to close corporate tax loopholes in Iowa

Every year, huge out-of-state corporations avoid paying their fair share of taxes to Iowa by using a tax loophole that the Iowa legislature has yet to close. We're pushing that the Iowa legislature close this tax loophole by requiring out-of-state corporations to combine their reporting of profits and pay their fair share of taxes to the state of Iowa on those profits.

We're also pushing a corporate tax transparency bill.

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