Our View: Charleston stirs up controversy in Polk Co Sheriff’s race

You usually don’t think of a county sheriff’s race as being too controversial. Except this year.

The race in Polk County between Sheriff Bill McCarthy and his challenger Dan Charleston has garnered a fair amount of attention recently, and caused some real controversy. And from our vantage point, the controversy is being generated by Charleston, who’s running as a “constitutional sheriff”.

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CCI Action Fund members talk Latino issues with Polk Co. Sheriff

CCI Action Fund members held a candidate briefing with Polk County Sheriff Bill McCarthy, where they discussed the role of Latino immigrants in the county, controversial statements from candidate Dan Charleston, and the Sheriff’s long term vision for a rapidly diversifying county.

Dan Charleston declined to meet with us, though members interviewed him on Latino radio recently.

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LTE: Sheriff candidate’s extreme talk won’t stand in Iowa

Great letter from CCI member Nataly Espinosa, a proud immigrant and mother of three, in response to a recent Des Moines Register column.

We will conquer this ugliness. I trust my community will stand for the American values of tolerance and democracy in Polk County and in our United States.

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Polk County Sheriff race gets needed attention

"This election will carry serious consequences." The Des Moines Register's Rekah Basu is right.

At stake is whether Polk County will stay a relatively inclusive place where law enforcement aims to serve and protect everyone or turn into a place where our law enforcement is more focused on targeting and dividing groups in our community at a detriment to public safety for all.

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La carrera para sheriff de Polk County recibe atención necesaria

“Esta elección tendrá serias consecuencias.” Rekha Basu del Des Moines Register tiene razón. Esta carrera definirá si Polk County permanecerá como un lugar relativamente inclusivo en donde las autoridades protegen y sirven a la comunidad o si se va a convertir en un lugar hostil en donde las autoridades estén enfocadas en dividir a los grupos de la comunidad, especialmente a los Latinos. Esto tendría un costo grave para la seguridad pública de todos los residentes de Polk County. Te animamos a que leas este artículo por Rekha Basu y compártelo con tus amigos y familiares a través de email y Facebook Columnista Rekha Basu: No necesitamos a un sheriff con agenda política Publicado en inglés en el Des Moines Register  — 3 de octubre de 2012 (Traducción de Vanessa Marcano, organizadora de Iowa CCI Acción)  (Read in English here.) Los votantes que fueron al debate de Sheriffs del condado Polk el pasado lunes, para aprender más sobre las elecciones,...

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