Is Sen. Kibbie carving out factory farm loopholes?

Iowa CCI Action members are blasting Sen. Jack Kibbie (D- Emmetsburg) for pushing Senate File 2022 a bill that carves out a loophole in factory farm permitting and manure management laws. The bill passed out of Senate Agriculture Committee Thursday on a unanimous vote (13-0) and is now eligible for floor debate.

Call your Senator today and tell Vote NO on SF 2022. This bill could open the door for all kinds of loopholes and sets a bad precedent.

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[Update] Iowa Senate votes on bad “Ag gag” bill

<< If HF 589 passes, the neighbor who took this photo could be a criminal.

Legislators are poised to vote today on the bad corporate "Ag Gag" bill, HF 589 very soon.. We think this bill should be DOA. "Ag gag" is an attempt by the factory farm industry to criminalize basic watchdog functions that everyday folks have to hold factory farms accountable for violations they commit. Please 'read more' to take action today! (1/25/12)

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Legislators intent on bad “Ag Gag” bill

Legislators - both Democrats and Republicans alike - are intent on passing the "Ag gag" bill. As currently written, House File 589 would make it a felony (yes, a felony) to videotape or photograph in or around factory farms.

This bill is a blatant attempt to silence citizen's voices and stifle free speech. And, as many of you have said - a solution in search of a problem. It also appears as pure catering to corporate ag. At a time when there are so many critical issues on the table, it's frustrating to learn so much time is being spent on this bad bill.

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