LTE: Why I came to the fair to make a loud statement against Ryan’s plan

On Aug. 13, Rep. Paul Ryan came to the Iowa State Fair to make his first campaign speech since being selected as the Republican vice presidential candidate. He came with a lot of baggage. For months he has promoted a war on the middle class, the poor and our kids.

Ryan has several snake oil “cures” for the ills of our country. They include getting rid of Social Security. Instead, people could give their savings (if they have any) to the ethical bankers on Wall Street who would happily take it and “invest” it for you. If you get old and have no retirement money, try a shelter....

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Ryan’s policies aren’t “Iowa nice” publishes op-ed by CCI Action Fund Member Cherie Mortice, a retired public school teacher from Des Moines and an Iowa CCI Action Fund leader.

In it she explains why her and two dozen other CCI Action Fund members confronted the new GOP vice-presidential candidate at the Iowa State Fair this week.

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Members challenge Paul Ryan at State Fair soapbox

Today at the Iowa State Fair, where Mitt Romney famously uttered "Corporations are people, my friend," last year under fire from CCI members, CCI Action Fund members challenged Romney's running mate Paul Ryan at a candidate soapbox.

Ryan, in his first solo appearance as vice-presidential candidate, was confronted with a series of tough questions about his plans to balance the federal budget on the backs of middle and lower class Americans - questions he chose to ignore rather than address.

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