CCI Action members meet w/ Representative Braley

CCI Action members met with Congressman Bruce Braley over the August recess when our elected officials are home in their communities before returning to Washington after the Labor Day weekend.

We urged him to stand strong on People First issues like Social Security, raising revenue from Wall Street and the need to pass fair and comprehensive immigration reform.

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Where’s the Cliff?

We've averted the fiscal cliff - for now. Much remains to be resolved, and much is at stake in the coming months.

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Join us for Taking on Branstad’s bad budget plan: the Truth about Iowa’s Budget and Tax Policy

Ready to help take on Branstad's bad budget plan and corporate agenda? Join us for this special webinar opportunity to learn how progressives in Iowa can go on offense to ensure we have a state budget that puts people before corporations.

Specials guests David Osterberg and Peter Fisher from the Iowa Policy Project.

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The Budget Showdown, Congress and You

There's a showdown brewing right after the November 6 elections, and there’s a lot at stake for everyday folks across the country.

Will our elected officials return to work for We the People or Big Corporations?

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What’s at stake in the budget showdown

The outcomes of this year’s congressional and presidential elections are going to be critical in determining our nation’s future.

But - so will the two months that follow the Nov. 5 elections.

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