Payday Lenders employ shady tactics at statehouse

The payday industry is at it again...

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Breaking the cycle of payday loan debt

Payday lending creates a cycle of debt nearly impossible to escape from. That's why we're pushing for a common sense bill at the statehouse to break this cycle and put people before payday loan greed!

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A Put People First 2013 Legislative Agenda

The momentum is on their side to move their “put people first” policies during the 2013 legislative agenda.

2013 legislative agenda prioritizes combined corporate reporting, local control of factory farms, interest rate caps on payday loans, cracking down on wage theft, universal voter registration, and Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections.

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Cedar Rapids Gazette urges action on payday loans

The Cedar Rapids Gazette editorial board nails it - cities are left to do what they can to curb abusive payday lenders without action from the Iowa legislature. It's time for them to step up and do the right thing.

The piece references Iowa CCI members work to enact local payday loan ordinances, include the one they just helped pass in Iowa City.

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The #1 issue absent from Presidential debate

To have a debate on domestic policy without ever mentioning the ongoing housing crisis is an incomplete debate. Americans deserve better from those seeking the highest office.

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