Don’t default on the American people

We must stop governing crisis to crisis. We need to open the government, raise the debt ceiling and pass a budget that increases revenue and invests in America.

That's the message CCI Action members delivered to Representative Tom Latham and President Obama as the government shutdown drags on for a third week.

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Obama must right ship on housing, Social Security

Immediately following a meeting on foreclosures and housing policy with Iowa Assistant Attorney General Patrick Madigan today, Iowa CCI Action members delivered a similar message to Obama's campaign offices in Des Moines.

Read the blog post an Obama volunteer wrote after our stop.

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The #1 issue absent from Presidential debate

To have a debate on domestic policy without ever mentioning the ongoing housing crisis is an incomplete debate. Americans deserve better from those seeking the highest office.

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Why those who say Obama lost debate are wrong

The problem with saying Mitt Romeny was the clear winner favors the spectacle and ignores the most important reason why the first Obama/Romney debate was actually significant - because it solidified the key issues of this election, most of which favor Obama and the Democratic Party.

Debate, however, unfortunately, was marked by moments of bipartisanship of the worst kind.

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Our view: Presidential race is referendum on government’s role

There’s no question that this election offers a stark choice between two competing visions of America, and there’s no question that we all have a civic duty to participate in the electoral process.

But there’s a fight brewing on November 7 no matter who wins the presidential election and no matter which party is in power. We need to be ready for it.

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