CCI Action’s Post-Funnel Legislative Agenda

Medicaid expansion and the battle of the budget are the two issues that will define the 2013 legislative session, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund (CCI Action Fund) members announced March 8 - the day of the first legislative funnel that weeds out bills without enough support to continue debate this year.

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Our View: Time for Schultz to stand down on non-existent voter fraud

He’s on a politically motivated crusade to restrict voting for everyday people and hardworking families. His witch-hunt for non-existent voter fraud is taking Iowa in the wrong direction.

We need universal voter registration and big money out of politics, not more voter intimidation and suppression.

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Schultz must clarify election rules to protect voting rights

At least three registered voters were temporarily turned away from an urban precinct in Des Moines Tuesday because they did not have photo identification.

New election rules issued by Schultz’s office after Voter ID legislation stalled at the statehouse have been criticized as confusing because they state that poll workers may ask voters to show ID.

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Voter ID rears its ugly head again!

Did you know - you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to have your vote canceled out by voter fraud?

Secretary of State Matt Schultz wants to pass Voter ID, but it doesn't have a lot of support amongst Iowans. Find out more!

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