Paul Ryan’s budget bankrolls itself

A new report shows the industries that stand to gain the most from Paul Ryan's budget just so happened to contribute more to the Representatives who voted in favor of his radical budget.

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Cedar Rapids Gazette urges action on payday loans

The Cedar Rapids Gazette editorial board nails it - cities are left to do what they can to curb abusive payday lenders without action from the Iowa legislature. It's time for them to step up and do the right thing.

The piece references Iowa CCI members work to enact local payday loan ordinances, include the one they just helped pass in Iowa City.

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Create jobs by raising minimum wage, report finds

More than 300,000 Iowa workers would get an average $560/year pay raise if a bill proposed by Iowa Senator Tom Harkin to raise the minimum wage to $9.60 over three years were passed into law, according to a new report by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a Washington D.C.-based think tank. Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund (CCI Action) members call on President Barack Obama and his presidential contender Mitt Romney to prove they are serious about job creation and support the proposal on the campaign trail this fall.

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Storytime with Leonard Boswell

CCI Action members met with Congressman Boswell on August 6 in Greenfield. Find out what he said (or didn't say) and upcoming opportunities you have to bird-dog the candidates on the campaign trail.

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End Bush tax cuts for richest 2%

Congress will soon decide whether the rich should pay their fair share or if we should continue trying to cut our way to prosperity.

Tell your US Representative to end the Bush era tax cuts for the richest 2%!

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