No public notice? Not on our watch!

CCI members' hard work at the Capitol is paying off but we aren’t done yet. A bad water quality bill, House File 311, passed out of the House Environmental Protection but not before 1 of 2 bad sections of the bill were gutted thanks to our work.

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First bad factory farm bill of 2013 introduced…by the DNR!

Only one week into the 2013 legislative session and the first bad factory farm bill has been introduced, Senate Study Bill 1005. SSB 1005, requested by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) eliminates public notice in newspapers for Clean Water Act permits (NPDES), and also requires the DNR - which is severely understaffed - to respond to certain permit applications within 90 days or the permit is automatically approved.

Iowa needs stronger permitting standards and local control - not a system where the people are shut out.

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Join us: “Money out, People in!” Kick-off at the Capitol

Stand alongside hundreds of everyday Iowans from all across Iowa who (just like you) are ready to stand up and speak out to put our communities before corporations.On Jan. 15 Gov. Terry Branstad will deliver his “State of the State” address. We’ll be there – hundreds strong – to deliver our own “Money out. People in!” address.

Join us for this powerful, important and fun event.

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The meeting Gov. Branstad doesn’t want you to attend

Now that the elections are over, it´s time to govern. That´s why we´re asking CCI leaders from across Iowa to represent their communities at a statewide strategy session this Sat., Dec.1.

We've got the stories, real victories and momentum to drive home real change during the 2013 legislative session. But if we really want to win broad-based changes, we have to move outside of our local communities, come together as a statewide organization, and press for change at the State Capitol. Join us!

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Branstad’s bad budget plan

The state of Iowa is sitting on a nearly $1 billion budget surplus, and rather than reinvest in vital public services like education, environmental protections, health-care, and workers rights, Governor Branstad wants to use the extra money to cut taxes for Iowa’s biggest corporations and richest citizens.

Join us December 1 for a Statewide Strategy Session and January 15 for our "Money Out, People In: Kickoff at the Capitol"

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