CCI Action converges on Terrace Hill for Medicaid expansion

CCI Action members delivered nearly 150 comments from Iowans across the state wanting affordable health insurance on Saturday to Governor Branstad at his Terrace Hill mansion.

This was the latest action in a months long campaign to pass Medicaid expansion in Iowa to provide much needed insurance to 150,000 more Iowans.

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The Gronstal Double-Cross

Nearly four weeks ago, Senate insiders told us Senate File 418 would not be debated this year. But with less than 72 hours left in the regular 2013 sessioin, Gronstal put it back on the debate calendar. It could come to a vote at any moment.

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CCI Action gets last word at Medicaid public hearing

The House of Representatives held a public hearing on Medicaid expansion April 16 where more than half the public wasn't even allowed to speak.

Thankfully CCI Action got the last word and spoke to the real, immediate need to expand Medicaid today!

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No public notice? Not on our watch!

CCI members' hard work at the Capitol is paying off but we aren’t done yet. A bad water quality bill, House File 311, passed out of the House Environmental Protection but not before 1 of 2 bad sections of the bill were gutted thanks to our work.

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First bad factory farm bill of 2013 introduced…by the DNR!

Only one week into the 2013 legislative session and the first bad factory farm bill has been introduced, Senate Study Bill 1005. SSB 1005, requested by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) eliminates public notice in newspapers for Clean Water Act permits (NPDES), and also requires the DNR - which is severely understaffed - to respond to certain permit applications within 90 days or the permit is automatically approved.

Iowa needs stronger permitting standards and local control - not a system where the people are shut out.

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