Increased penalties for wage theft, increase funding for Workforce Development

When unscrupulous employers take advantage of vulnerable workers and don’t pay minimum wage, overtime, and sometimes not even at all it has far reaching effects. Wage theft costs thousands of low-wage Iowa workers $600 million a year and keeps $60 million in annual tax revenue out of state coffers. Combating wage theft makes sense for Iowa’s workers, businesses, our local economies and our state budget.

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New report slams Branstad tax plan

Corporate property tax cuts could lead to budget cuts, job losses, and greater income inequality, new report states.

Closing corporate tax loopholes and making the richest 1% of Iowans pay their fair share of taxes is key to economic growth and prosperity that puts the 99% of everyday people first. Read the Iowa specific facts and recommendations.

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Wage theft bill introduced

We're happy to report that our wage theft protection bill was introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives last week.

Wage theft and worker misclassification are rampant problems for workers in Iowa and across the country. According to a national study, over $16 billion dollars in unpaid wages are stolen from employees every year by employers who don’t pay minimum wage, don’t pay overtime, make illegal deductions, force workers to work off the clock, or don’t even pay at all.

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