CCI Action on Gov. Reynold’s speech

Statement from Cherie Mortice, Iowa CCI Action Fund Board President, in response to Governor Reynolds’ Condition of the State address: “What was notable about the Governor’s Condition of the State address was not what she said, but what she didn’t say. On education, what we needed to hear was a call for accurate, honest, and fully-funded public education that enables every child – no matter their zip code, race, or background – to learn from the mistakes of our racist past in order to make a better future for all. And, ensuring schools have the funds and technology to support in-person and online learning to protect the most vulnerable. On our workforce, we needed to hear that Iowa will ensure working people can make ends meet. Iowa is long overdue to raise the state minimum wage, stuck at $7.25/hr for nearly 15 years now to a livable wage, and workers deserve better working conditions. On taxes, we needed to hear that revenue matters and we will...

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Legislative Update for February 22, 2019

Things are picking up at the Iowa Statehouse. Bills are being introduced (over 100 on Thursday alone), sub-committees and committees are starting to meet, discuss, and debate, and groups are holding their lobby days (see our “Attend an Event” section below). Our bill establishing a single-payer healthcare system for Iowa was introduced (House File 96)! Here are a few more GOOD bills that caught our eye this week: Establishing a “Crude-Oil Fee” on pipelines (like DAPL) to help cover the costs of future spills (House File 44);Establishing Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) for food (House File 58);Getting rid of Iowa’s (Steve King’s) “English Only” law (House File 70) and introducing an Iowa Dream Act (House File 101);Several bills expanding voting (electronic registration, automatic registration, vote-by-mail, and restoring voting rights);Repealing Iowa’s pre-emption of local wage and worker ordinances...

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Where do your candidates stand on racial justice?

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Do you know where your local candidates stand on racial equity?

We're excited to find out at a political candidate forum we're co-hosting with Des Moines Chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) and Trinity Las Americas UMC.

Join us this Sunday to learn more about local candidates' positions on racial equity and social justice.

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You’re being heard on Medicaid – take action!

Tuesday at the Statehouse, your call to end Iowa's failed privatized Medicaid mess was heard loud and clear. In sit-down meetings, you shared your stories directly with lawmakers, the Governor's top policy staff, and the DHS Deputy Director. It was impactful.   

How do we know? Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have said that something needs to be done ... because they're hearing from you!

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Our take: Reynolds’ Water Quality bill

The Iowa House voted 59-41 to pass Senate File 512, a bill to fund unspecified, voluntary water quality measures with taxpayer money.

CCI Action members say this proposal robs Peter to pay Paul. Read why this bill is bad news and the one thing we're celebrating.

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