Democracy Defenders sign on letter

October 27, 2020 Iowa Governor Kim ReynoldsIowa Secretary of State Paul PateIowa Attorney General Tom MillerIowa Auditor Rob SandIowa Speaker of the House Pat Grassley Iowa Senator Jack WhitverIowa County Auditors Elected officials of Iowa:Nationwide, voter suppression and intimidation, lack of polling locations and poll workers, and the public health threat caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic have all combined to create serious barriers to voting. President Trump himself has attacked the integrity of our election system, the U.S. Postal Service, absentee ballots, and voting by mail. As the elected leaders in our state, you have a sworn duty to uphold our democratic process, especially when our elections are threatened.  We, a growing statewide alliance of labor unions, community organizations, student groups, faith communities, and political leaders, call on you to fulfill this critical responsibility.American citizens have the right to vote and have their...

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Keep ICE out of Iowa: Deportation Defense Discussions

For years, ICE has been terrorizing our communities with little to no accountability. From the recent raid in Mount Pleasant where workers were racially profiled, detained, and some even tazed or beaten by ICE agents to the consistent individual pick-ups across Iowa, it's clear that ICE has gone rogue.

Enough is enough.

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The road to winning healthcare for all

The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized country that lacks universal healthcare. If you're one of the millions of Americans who want to work to win healthcare for everyone, join us at a teach in to learn about the road we'll take to get there.

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