Iowa Senate agrees, Regents should serve common good

Craig Lang's reappointment to the Board of Regents by Governor Terry Branstad was blocked by the Iowa Senate; Lang was unable to garner support of the needed 2/3rd majority to win reappointment. On April 17th, the Regents Transparency Task Force met; CCI members were there to deliver the message - get corporate influence out of our public universities!

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The fight to curb corporate control inside the Iowa Board of Regents continues

A tough proposal to crack down on corporate corruption inside the Iowa Board of Regents passed the Iowa Senate on a 49-1 vote on April 2, but is now no longer eligible for legislative debate this session after House State Government committee chair Guy Vander Linden (R-Oskaloosa) refused to move the bill through his committee by the April 5 deadline.

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Funnel-Proof: Regent Accountability and Transparency Act Passes Senate State Government Committee

Senator Jeff Danielson’s (D-Waterloo) Regents Accountability and Transparency Act is gaining momentum after it passed out of a state government committee March 7 - passing a key legislative hurdle known as the March 8 legislative funnel. The measure is now eligible for debate on the floor of the Iowa Senate.

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