Our View: Charleston stirs up controversy in Polk Co Sheriff’s race

You usually don’t think of a county sheriff’s race as being too controversial. Except this year.

The race in Polk County between Sheriff Bill McCarthy and his challenger Dan Charleston has garnered a fair amount of attention recently, and caused some real controversy. And from our vantage point, the controversy is being generated by Charleston, who’s running as a “constitutional sheriff”.

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LTE: Sheriff candidate’s extreme talk won’t stand in Iowa

Great letter from CCI member Nataly Espinosa, a proud immigrant and mother of three, in response to a recent Des Moines Register column.

We will conquer this ugliness. I trust my community will stand for the American values of tolerance and democracy in Polk County and in our United States.

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Polk County Sheriff race gets needed attention

"This election will carry serious consequences." The Des Moines Register's Rekah Basu is right.

At stake is whether Polk County will stay a relatively inclusive place where law enforcement aims to serve and protect everyone or turn into a place where our law enforcement is more focused on targeting and dividing groups in our community at a detriment to public safety for all.

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