15 Reasons to Support $15

$15 will create jobs! Consumer demand is what drives job creation, not super profits and poverty wages. With more money in our pockets, workers will spend more boosting our local economy and creating new jobs.Don’t let them scare you. Every time there is a proposal for the minimum wage, opponents say it will kill jobs and wreck the economy, but it never does. This is the argument every time wages are raised – and they have been raised many times throughout the years without crashing the economy. They said the same thing about the smoking ban!Thousands of people will be lifted out of poverty. Let’s take a look at where economists and researchers investigating the minimum wage agree: They all tend to think that raising the minimum wage would reduce poverty. $15 is the minimum. That’s what a minimum wage means. Any counting of tips, healthcare, or other benefits as part of $15 is a way of legalizing wage theft. All workers need $15.Whether you work for a huge corporation or a...

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The Nine Questions Every Candidate Should Answer

Elections are a big opportunity for us to push our bold issue solutions and help shape the issue environment that our elected officials and candidates operate in.

Now is the time to ask targeted questions – beyond stump speeches – and challenge candidates to be bolder!  

Here are nine questions that come directly out of our organizing campaigns:

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Take action for a living wage in Iowa.

Iowa Senate Dems introduced a bill to raise the minimum wage to $8.75 - an insult to Iowa workers. Take action for a living wage!

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