How did your legislator vote on the new Ag-gag bill?

Take a look at the voting records from the House and the Senate:

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What does the election mean for our moratorium on factory farms?

Nothing – not even a Republican-controlled legislature and Kim Reynolds in the Governor's seat – can stop our movement for a moratorium on factory farms.

We never thought winning a moratorium would be easy.  We’ve known all along that it’s going to take a lot of work and involvement from CCI members like you.  When CCI members encounter a hurdle, we strategize and jump over it.  We know our longterm strategy works – here’s a list of signs that our movement is growing:

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Your legislative forum toolkit!

Legislative forums are an important space to raise issues you care about and to engage your legislator face-to-face.

They're also a great place to start conversations and connect with more like-minded Iowans. Here's a toolkit to help build support for issues you care about.

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Bill for Clean Water Iowa passes out of sub-committee!

A commonsense bill to strengthen manure application laws passed out of the Senate Natural Resources and Environment Sub-committee in a 2 to 1 vote today...

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Know your Factory Farm Five: Brent Rastetter

Five out of the eight Environmental Protection Commissioners for Iowa own, or have a direct financial interest, in factory farms. Despite this blatant conflict of interest, they sit on the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC).

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