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While Iowa’s election results have us reeling this morning, we want to talk about the presidential race.  Joe Biden is ahead in total votes and is surging in key battleground states where ballots are being counted, right now, by local election workers.  These votes represent our voices. And our voices will be heard. Our work is clear: we have to come together to demand every vote is counted. If our democratic process is respected, the presidential race will be a resounding win for the people. We’re seeing a red-to-blue shift in presidential vote totals, and that’s what we expected: Joe Biden urged his supporters to vote early while Donald Trump cast doubts on the security of early and absentee ballots and promoted unsafe day-of voting crowds. That means that votes for Trump were tallied first, while many of the ballots being counted now are significantly shifting the total towards Biden.  Trump’s conspiracy theories, lies, and...

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Join us for election analysis and actions Nov. 3 – 7

Updated 11/6/2020 Together, we must demand that our election officials protect our sacred right to vote and take the time to count every ballot. We have to stick together to ensure that voters decide the winners of this election and no one else. Iowa CCI Action has joined Democracy Defenders Iowa—a broad coalition of groups committed to standing up, speaking out, and protecting our democracy ahead of, during, and after the election. The people can prevail, but it’s up to us. No system or process can save us. November 7 – Prepared to Mobilize – Voters Decide Rallies SAVE THIS DATE! In America, our elections are decided by voters, not by fiat or decree. Everyone’s vote must be counted. Attempts to selectively stop some votes from being counted is disgusting and unAmerican – and must be met with massive pushback. This isn’t a moment to “wait and see.” We have to raise our voices. We can’t let Trump cheat his way out of losing. We...

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