Earned Income Tax Credit bill passed out of Senate

A bill to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit passed out of the Senate last week with a vote of 35-15. This is a common sense bill that encourages work and puts money in the hands of those who need it the most.

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The Earned Income Tax Credit helps working families in Iowa

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps working families here in Iowa. This session there is a bill, SF 88, to expand the EITC to help even more Iowans.

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What Gov Branstad should say on Jan. 15th, but won’t

On Tuesday, Gov. Branstad will use his “Condition of the State” address to the Iowa legislature to outline a cut, de-regulate, and privatize agenda that will largely benefit big corporations and the very wealthy while taking the rest of Iowa in the wrong direction.

But here are the “put people first” policy proposals Branstad/Reynolds should be advocating for.

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Iowa’s Budget Choice – Put People First

The state of Iowa is sitting on a nearly $1 billion budget surplus. Now our elected officials have a choice to make. Will they reinvest in valued state services that have suffered deep cuts – like education, environmental enforcement and protections, healthcare and a fair contract for state workers? Or, will give away the store to large corporations?

Tell Branstad to "Put People First!"

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