Drivers licenses for DREAMers an early win, now in-state tuition

Our press statement to the news announcement that the Iowa DOT has reversed course and will now issue drivers licenses to young immigrants:

“Governor Terry Branstad, Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, and Department of Transportation Director Paul Trombino’s decision to reverse course and start giving drivers licenses to deferred action immigrants is a good first step that should immediately be followed up with equal support for giving in-state tuition rates to the same group of people,” said Ana Belen Mancebo, a CCI Action Fund member from Des Moines.

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Opportunity for all Iowans, regardless of status

Immigrants in Iowa are part of our communities; they attend school, open businesses, work, and raise families. Recent positive immigration reform efforts are set to make it possible for young immigrants to stay in the country legally. But now our state has two choices - to lift barriers that make it possible for them to contribute or deny them the dignity of fully participating in our society (like denying drivers licenses).

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