Hundreds protest corporate Branstad agenda

Three hundred family farmers, retired teachers, students, organized workers, and everyday people from all walks of life mobilized to provide the needed counterweight to the corporate agenda Gov. Branstad laid out in his "Condition of the State" address.

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Two solutions to close corporate tax loopholes in Iowa

Every year, huge out-of-state corporations avoid paying their fair share of taxes to Iowa by using a tax loophole that the Iowa legislature has yet to close. We're pushing that the Iowa legislature close this tax loophole by requiring out-of-state corporations to combine their reporting of profits and pay their fair share of taxes to the state of Iowa on those profits.

We're also pushing a corporate tax transparency bill.

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Dec. 12: Weigh in on Branstad’s “Orascam” giveaway and budget proposal

We’re calling it a “good government day of action” when we’ll attend - and more importantly, testify at - two high-profile budget hearings at the State Capitol.

December 12 is an incredible opportunity to have a big impact and to frame the budget/tax debate on our terms rather than Branstad’s.

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Join us: “Money out, People in!” Kick-off at the Capitol

Stand alongside hundreds of everyday Iowans from all across Iowa who (just like you) are ready to stand up and speak out to put our communities before corporations.On Jan. 15 Gov. Terry Branstad will deliver his “State of the State” address. We’ll be there – hundreds strong – to deliver our own “Money out. People in!” address.

Join us for this powerful, important and fun event.

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The Budget Showdown, Congress and You

There's a showdown brewing right after the November 6 elections, and there’s a lot at stake for everyday folks across the country.

Will our elected officials return to work for We the People or Big Corporations?

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