Weekly Update for March 29, 2019

It’s been a BIG WEEK! Monday: Leaders from our Racial Justice team turned out more than 100 people to pack the Des Moines City Council meeting to keep pushing our ordinance to ban racial profiling by the DMPD. Wednesday: We sued the state of Iowa for failing to protect our rivers, lakes and streams from factory farms and corporate monopolies that run our food systems and continue to pollute our water. This week: Presidential hopefuls also weighed in on the future of agriculture, with Senator Warren setting forth a proposal to break up big ag and Senator Sanders publishing an op-ed promising to fight for farmers. Their announcements come in advance of Saturday’s presidential forum in Storm Lake. People’s voices – through the forum, Iowa’s role in the caucus, and your bird-dogging – are making these candidates speak about issues we care about. We need to continue to push all of the candidates to include a moratorium on factory...

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Your vote for governor

Many issues were discussed in the gubernatorial debate last Wednesday night, but one got short shrift: Iowa’s clean water crisis.

Iowans across party lines want clean water and air. But pollution from corporate factory farms is making that impossible, as millions of gallons of untreated waste ends up in our waterways.

Fortunately, more and more Iowans are taking a stand. One in five Iowa counties have passed a resolution or sent a letter to the state in support of stronger permitting standards, local control, and/or a moratorium on factory farms.

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No April Fooling On Factory Farm Pollution

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund (Iowa CCI Action Fund) members say time in this year’s legislative session is running out for Governor Branstad and leaders in both political parties to address the kinds of factory farm pollution that continue to cause a public health risk to hundreds of thousands of Central Iowans.

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Iowa Policy Project’s Frac Sand Mine Report Uses CAFO Case-Studies As Warning, Call For Local Control

Today, the Iowa Policy Project released a report (found here) outlining the negative effects of the controversial practice of frac sand mining, and recommending that authority over the industry be kept at the local level. Pointing to Iowa’s factory farm industry as a case study of the problems that arise when local control of environmentally degrading industries is preempted by state government, the report offers a number of policy proposals, the foremost of which is the retention of local control over the industry.

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Iowa Legislature Appropriates $700,000 To DNR To Hire 7 New Factory Farm Field Inspectors

The Iowa legislature passed an agriculture and natural resources appropriations bill Thursday that includes $700,000 to hire seven new factory farm inspectors at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI) members say DNR Director Chuck Gipp must put the new inspectors in the field immediately to begin inspecting and permitting Iowa’s 8,000 factory farms.

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