Branstad schedules public budget hearing, Monday, December 16 at 4pm

Iowa Department of Management Director David Roederer has scheduled Governor Branstad’s annual public budget hearing for 4pm Monday in the Robert Ray Conference Room of the state capitol, and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund (Iowa CCI Action Fund) members say they will mobilize to promote their “People First Iowa” budget and tax policies and to stand up and speak out against Branstad’s flat tax proposal and calls by corporate lobby groups to cut corporate income taxes this year.

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Branstad locks citizens out of public budget hearing

Dozens of everyday people were locked out of a legally mandated public budget hearing at the state capitol today and not given a chance to testify after Governor Branstad’s staff only allowed ten people into the Robert Ray conference room at a time, prioritized testimony from big-moneyed corporate interest groups over the testimony of everyday citizens, and ended the hearing after only 60 minutes.

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