How can we use the caucuses to push for what we need?

We’re getting a bad case of caucus fever! Here’s why: we as Iowans have more power than anyone in the country to make bold policy solutions politically possible. For the next year, the eyes of the nation will be on our state. Candidates will be angling for our support, the press will be tracking every local story, and voters across the country will hear about our interactions with candidates. That’s why we see it as our duty to seize the amazing opportunity of the 2020 caucuses to push for the policies we need, like: The Green New Deal Medicare for All A Factory Farm Moratorium But we need your help to think through how exactly we make the most of this opportunity. That’s why we’re holding meetings with CCI Action members around the state, including in your community!  All the details are below. Please RSVP here to let us know you can make it! 2020 Caucus Strategy Session6:30pm-8pm, Tuesday,...

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What is bird dogging?

Presidential candidates are flocking to Iowa to court our vote. But where do they stand on our issues? Bird dogging candidates is an effective way to find out where they stand on the issues and shape the national debate. Read this guide and let the bird dogging begin! When you’re ready, we have three starter bird dogging questions to take to your next event. What is bird dogging? To bird dog something means to seek out, to follow and watch carefully. When used in the context of campaigning, it means to seek out and attend candidate events and ask them specific questions on key issues you care about. The beauty of bird dogging: Imagine the impact we could have if candidates are hearing the same questions multiple times from hundreds of people. By raising the same issue at multiple campaign events, we can get candidates to address our issues. And, when candidates address our issues, it is more likely that media and other Iowans will pick up on it as well. By bird...

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Where do your candidates stand on racial justice?

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Do you know where your local candidates stand on racial equity?

We're excited to find out at a political candidate forum we're co-hosting with Des Moines Chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) and Trinity Las Americas UMC.

Join us this Sunday to learn more about local candidates' positions on racial equity and social justice.

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Our View: Factory farms remain hot button issue in rural communities

For too long, politicians have espoused populist rhetoric during the campaign, only to fall flat once they're elected. .

Nov. 6th is just the beginning. They can expect to see CCI Action Fund members out in force at the state capitol on January 15 – and throughout the 2013 legislative session.

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