What Gov Branstad should say on Jan. 15th, but won’t

On Tuesday, Gov. Branstad will use his “Condition of the State” address to the Iowa legislature to outline a cut, de-regulate, and privatize agenda that will largely benefit big corporations and the very wealthy while taking the rest of Iowa in the wrong direction.

But here are the “put people first” policy proposals Branstad/Reynolds should be advocating for.

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5 things we learned at the Capitol yesterday

Yesterday, more than 30 CCI watchdogs, like you, from across the state testified at public hearings on economic development, budget and tax policy, and we made a big impact.

And, here is what we learned about Gov. Branstad’s corporate agenda for the coming 2013 legislative session:

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News Roundup: Branstad locks citizens out

We got some amazing statewide press last night and this morning after nearly 30 CCI leaders from across Iowa (including 2 from Cedar Rapids, 2 from Iowa City, 1 from Bloomfield in SE IA, 1 from Silver City in SW Iowa, 1 from Prescott, 2 from Grinnell, several from Ames, and over a dozen from Des Moines and Central Iowa) attended two economic development and budget hearings at the state capitol yesterday. Our message was simple: put people first – communities before corporations and people before profits. Branstad for one clearly didn’t want to hear it because he locked citizens out of his public budget hearing, which backfired because it drew more attention to Branstad’s corporate, anti-democratic agenda than if he had let the process work and the people speak. Branstad has some bad plans for Iowa, and Iowa CCI Action members are at the forefront of a grassroots, pro-justice, equality, and fairness citizen fightback. You are making a big impact on our march towards a more just...

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Dec. 12: Weigh in on Branstad’s “Orascam” giveaway and budget proposal

We’re calling it a “good government day of action” when we’ll attend - and more importantly, testify at - two high-profile budget hearings at the State Capitol.

December 12 is an incredible opportunity to have a big impact and to frame the budget/tax debate on our terms rather than Branstad’s.

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