Iowa Senate agrees, Regents should serve common good

Craig Lang's reappointment to the Board of Regents by Governor Terry Branstad was blocked by the Iowa Senate; Lang was unable to garner support of the needed 2/3rd majority to win reappointment. On April 17th, the Regents Transparency Task Force met; CCI members were there to deliver the message - get corporate influence out of our public universities!

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The fight to curb corporate control inside the Iowa Board of Regents continues

A tough proposal to crack down on corporate corruption inside the Iowa Board of Regents passed the Iowa Senate on a 49-1 vote on April 2, but is now no longer eligible for legislative debate this session after House State Government committee chair Guy Vander Linden (R-Oskaloosa) refused to move the bill through his committee by the April 5 deadline.

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Funnel-Proof: Regent Accountability and Transparency Act Passes Senate State Government Committee

Senator Jeff Danielson’s (D-Waterloo) Regents Accountability and Transparency Act is gaining momentum after it passed out of a state government committee March 7 - passing a key legislative hurdle known as the March 8 legislative funnel. The measure is now eligible for debate on the floor of the Iowa Senate.

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New bill proposes to crack down on out of control Board of Regents

Senator Jeff Danielson (D-Waterloo) introduced a good bill on February 13 that will bring accountability and transparency back to an Iowa Board of Regents that has been plagued by corporate ag scandal after scandal.

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Fight back against attempts to sweep ethics complaints under the rug

The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board has proposed legislation that would prevent last summer's "Fire This Man/Take Down Bruce Rastetter" campaign from ever happening again.

This bad bill would weaken public input, oversight, and transparency of state ethics cases by centralizing power in the hands of one person, the board chair, to unilaterally throw out ethics complaints without a public hearing before the full board.

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