The Gronstal Double-Cross

Nearly four weeks ago, Senate insiders told us Senate File 418 would not be debated this year. But with less than 72 hours left in the regular 2013 sessioin, Gronstal put it back on the debate calendar. It could come to a vote at any moment.

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No public notice? Not on our watch!

CCI members' hard work at the Capitol is paying off but we aren’t done yet. A bad water quality bill, House File 311, passed out of the House Environmental Protection but not before 1 of 2 bad sections of the bill were gutted thanks to our work.

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Members testify for Medicaid expansion

Senate Democrats have introduced a bill to direct the state to expand Medicaid to cover struggling Iowans on the margins.

Now it's time for the governor and entire state legislature to do the right thing for Iowan's like LouAnn's daughter and for Holly and Molly and many more that lack basic coverage and access to care.

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Three questions to ask at the State Fair soapbox

The Iowa State Fair is here - and so returns the Des Moines Register's Soap Box. They've released the tentative schedule and all Iowa Congressional delegates and their challengers are slated to appear.

Be there to push them on issues you care about. Here are two questions to ask:

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End Bush tax cuts for richest 2%

Congress will soon decide whether the rich should pay their fair share or if we should continue trying to cut our way to prosperity.

Tell your US Representative to end the Bush era tax cuts for the richest 2%!

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