Our early voting toolkit for talking with the people in your life

Our state and our country are places where every person should count. No matter what you look like, how much money you have, or where you come from, it is the right of every American to vote in fair and free elections and to have their votes counted. This resource provides tools for voting early and securely in Iowa, and encouraging your friends and family to vote. This toolkit includes: What you need to know to vote early and securely in Iowa.Talking points an use to call your family and friends about early votingA simple form to organize your family and friends’ early voting commitments.  By working together, we will ensure that every vote is counted and swear in a government elected by and for us. By joining together in record numbers, we will ensure a democracy where everyone counts, no exceptions – from Iowa to the White House. If you have questions about how to vote early, you can find information on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website. For...

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Who’s on the ballot in Iowa?

vote dammit

Early voting began this week. You may have already received your absentee ballot.

But do you know who is on your ballot?

There’s more than the race for Governor. Or US Representative. Or state Representative.

This election, make sure you’re prepared by checking out our BallotReady site to find out all the races you’re voting on and assemble your ballot for election day!

We’ve partnered with BallotReady to help you make an informed decision when you vote. You’ll find all the races you’re voting on, as well as stances candidates have taken on key issues, as well as major endorsements they’ve received.

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